About me

Two or three things to get acquainted with me

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Jerome Lioret - Startup mentor - Full Stack Developper - Software engineer - Project director - jlioret

Just like many kids today, I started coding when I was a teenager. Since then, I went on since nourishing my knowledge and experience in the IT and software development fields. Starting with Casio FX and HP41 programmable calculators and passing through Apple II and TRS80 software development, I have taught myself software creation and engineering that I practice now on today's systems. As an entrepreneur, I am also a sound business process designer.

A bridge between tech and business

I had the will to see the world outside computer screens. This led me to pursue a literary academic course in a French business school and also in a Brazilian university. I addition, my passion for languages led me to learn and practice English, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Estonian, in addition to French, my mother tongue. Learning Italian is in progress.

From passion to profession

Taking advantage of both business and computing sciences sides of my knowledge, I embraced a business software development career at the time when the majority of computers where disconnected from networks. From this period, I kept a strong focus on designing systems that could work even when disconnected from the network. This characteristic was the key to efficiency and reliability of the software that I was creating for the retail industry.

Because I code myself what I conceive, I pay a very strong attention to the quality of the software I release. As a result, any users of the programs and systems that I create benefit from my exigence for software quality and ease of use. I step into the user's shoes to make their lives easier when using my creations.

The road to digital freedom

I've always been associating computer programming with freedom.

This is the reason why I create tutorials that offer to anybody the possibility to learn how to use free software. Data privacy and digital security have become a crucial concern for more and more people. The key to the freedom I invite you to achieve is acquiring the knowledge that allows you to master your personal data.